Warm-Up Benefits

Warm Up Exercise


Benefits of Warm Up

1).The body adapts to harsh weather conditions more easily in Warm Up

2).Reduced muscle tension

3).Therefore it is Increased muscle elasticity while the resistance of the connective tissue is decreased

4).Therefore it is Increased oxygen intake because of the gradual increase in the heart rate

5).Increase in blood flow and metabolism

6).Willingness to exercise is intensified

7).The transmission of nerve impulses is conducted rapidly

Why Should We Do Warm Up

  • A warm up is the deed of acclimate for an athletic circumstance or workout by exercising or practicing for a terse time promptly. Warming up helps reduce your risk of injury and the Anguish and pains that come with exercise.


  • However warm up should be done before clout training, aerobic (and anaerobic exercise) and stretching. A proper warm-up safely brace the body for the increased stipulate of exercise.


  • However  good warm up before strength drill is to do the exercises you are about to implement with a very light weight first Cold muscles do not ingest shock or impact as well, and are more vulnerable to injury.

Exercise For Warm Up

A). Jumping Jack Benefits

1). Weight Loss

2). Improve Coordination

3). Work Out The Whole Body

4). Improve Flexibility

5). Tone The Muscles

6). Improve Stamina And Stability

7). Make Your Bones Stronger


B).Side Shuffle Benefits





4).Multi-directional movement

5).Speed and quickness

6).Neurol muscular response time



9).Functional fitness



1). Improved Balance

2). Boosts Functionality

3). Symmetrical Toning

4). Boosts Hip Flexibility

5). Toning Of Gluten Muscles

6). Improved Core Stability

7). Rest For The Spine




1).Help Build Muscle.

2).Burn Calories Fast

3).Help Improve Flexibility.

4). Help with Mobility and Balance.

5). Help Strengthen Your Lungs and Heart.

6). Help Prevent Injuries

7). Maintain & Improve Your Joints.

8). Improves Your Speed and your Ability to Jump.

9). Squatting Keeps Bones Strong.

10). Improve Digestion and Circulation.

11). Improve Your Daily Life & Physical Abilities.


However you  go and start to make exercise a part of your regular daily routine and make your life easy and happy.

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