Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga.

Of all yogas, Kundalini yoga is considered to be one of the fastest to work to bring about change in body , mind and spirit. This is a tool that replaces negative emotions and habits of behaviour, allowing us to live in a state of happiness, peace and present.


How Kundalini Yoga Works.

Kundalini yoga was founded centuries ago. It is a science that functions on the seven chakras, the arcline and the aura. It works directly on the total energy of the being, balances the nervous and endocrine systems and reduces stress.Induced toxins such as adrenaline and cortisol.

Due of its holistic approach the practice of Kundalini yoga is especially transformative. Indeed it combines not only asana (physical postures), but also pranayama (powerful techniques of breathing), mudra (hand gestures), mantra (sound), meditation, eye focus, body locks and rhythm.

The mixture of both helps the glandular system ‘s energy to blend with the nervous system ‘s energy. This produces such a vulnerability that the entire brain absorbs and incorporates signals; therefore, it unlocks our creative capacity, our Kundalini energy.

Deep Description

Kundalini yoga shifts our energy, attitudes and perceptions. By altering our brain chemistry and magnetic field, allowing us to create a new reality for ourselves.

The blessing of Kundalini yoga practice is the opportunity to meet your own ego easily and to remove its attachments. It gets you off the yoyo of continuously listening to your mind and emotions. Hence it is often called awareness yoga.

Sometimes it’s called the householder’s yoga because it gives tools to live in a heightened state of being without forced. To isolate or escape our existing life.

Benefits Of Kundalini Yoga.

Practicing Kundalini yoga on a daily basis will create peace to the body easily. That means kundalini yoga helps to work in harmony with each system of the body, each organ and cell. Every part of the physical body and delicate, active anatomy is re-calibrated for optimal performance. The immune, nerve and endocrine systems are becoming better and more integrated.You sense an increased strength, more stamina and more versatility. You grow in consciousness, note increased mental capacity and concentration, better personal health, increased intelligence, enhanced imagination, a feeling of appearance and a lot more.

Below are some of the perks of doing Kundalini Yoga.

• Kundalini Yoga can help you develop your inner     guidance so that your inner voice can be heard.
• Ensures a closer bond with the soul and mind and   with life in general. Those who practice Kundalini     Yoga often feel they have formed a stronger     connection to the world of nature.
• In being in the present moment you can continue  living mindfully.
• This will lend you greater strength and good inner   health.
• You will gain the ability to control your thoughts,   emotions and feelings.
• You will get a higher productive energy standard.
• Stress and all negative emotions can be minimised.
• You can build a strong spiritual bond in your life.

How Kundalini Yoga Can Transform Inner.

The third eye is a divine eye, which can be opened with the kundalini exercise. It allows a person to access an entirely new dimension of perception that means he or she can process information in a whole new way.
We do have two eyes and can see only the outer world. If a person’s third eye is opened, however, he or she can have access to a whole new dimension of perception that looks inward and looks at life in a completely different way.
This can completely transform the life of a person, and enable him or her to see spiritual realms. So Kundalini rising can be considered to be one of the key spiritual occurrences in a person’s life.
Therefore it is exceedingly important to learn Kundalini signs of activation to track improvement achieved by a student of yoga.

Why Kundalini yoga is distinct from other types of yoga, and unique.

Any yoga practitioner who wishes to reap the rewards of awakening Kundalini must always keep in mind that it is by far the most potentially dangerous yoga form. This is perhaps the most powerful and effective form of yoga.Although the energy is used in some way or the other by all other forms of yoga, it is Kundalini yoga that deals specifically with this kind of energy and perception. Hence it can never be attempted without a highly qualified master’s professional guidance.
An accomplished yoga instructor should not only instruct a student through the ancient cycle of interacting with energy from Kundalini, but also track the signs of activation from Kundalini. It is only by providing such correct instruction that a yoga practitioner can enjoy the rewards of it.
This style of yoga will change the life of the practitioner completely for good or for evil, depending on how it is performed. A yogic teacher with several years of experience can help instruct a beginner so he or she can work with the increased divine energies generated by it.


Kundalini Yoga Kriya.

In general, a Kundalini yoga class will consist of one or two kriyas, or yoga sets. The word “kriya” means “fulfilled action”.’

A kriya in it is a set of physical postures, breath exercise, and sound that work for a particular goal. Practicing a kriya causes a series of physical , mental and emotional changes that collectively affect the body , mind and spirit.There are criyas that support the liver or kidneys, balance the immune system and recharge it, remove negativity, make you radiant, relief stress and insomnia, increase spine flexibility, and hundreds more. Each kriya has a different effect, but each kriya is complete in itself in the sense that each kriya operates on the same being, while being centered on preventing a particular imbalance.

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