what is kriya yoga and its benifit

What is kriya yoga?

Kriya Yoga is a yogic meditation technique in which the senses, the body, the mind, all come under the influence of the seeker.
The Sanskrit root of Kriya is kri, to do, to act and to react; the same root is found in the word karma, the universal concept of cause and effect. Kriya Yoga is therefore a “connection (yoga) with the Infinite by a certain action or ritual.” A yogi who diligently performs his technique is slowly liberated from karma or the universal chain of causation.

Kriya Yoga is described twice by the ancient sage Patanjali, the chief practitioner of yoga, who wrote: “Kriya Yoga consists of body discipline, mind control, and meditation on Aum.” Patanjali speaks of God as the actual Cosmic Sound of Aum heard in meditation. Aum is the Creative Term, the sound of the vibratory motor. Even the yoga-beginner can soon hear the wonderful sound of Aum inwardly.Receiving this precious spiritual help, the devotee is confident that he is in direct contact with the heavenly realms.

So, in other words, Kriya Yoga is a kind of meditation and yoga technique that focuses on self-discipline, pranayama, and meditation.

What’s the main meaning of Kriya Yoga?

The intention of Kriya Yoga, like any other Yoga, is the essence of the word Yoga. Yoga is the Sacred Union. In other terms, to be in unity with Him. The objective of Kriya Yoga is union with God.

In the initial state of God-contact (savikalpa samadhi) the devotee’s consciousness merges with the Cosmic Spirit; his life-force is removed from the body which appears to be “dead” or motionless and rigid. The yogi is completely conscious of his physical state of suspended animation.When he progresses into higher spiritual states (nirvikalpa samadhi), however, he interacts with God without physical fixation, and in his ordinary awakening consciousness, even in the midst of stressful worldly duties.



Why is Kriya Yoga different from any other Yoga?

So There are basically four type of Yoga.

Bhakti Yoga (The Direction of Devotion to God)
Jnana Yoga (The Path of Wisdom)
Karma Yoga (The Way of Action)
Raja Yoga (Royal Path)

Kriya Yoga is a kind of Raja Yoga.

Raja Yoga is King of Yoga. This affects the mind directly. There is no problem with Prana or physical body in this Yoga. There’s no Hatha Yogic Kriyas here. The Yogi sits at ease, watches his mind, and silences his bubbly thoughts. He stills his mind, constrains the thought-waves, and enters into the thoughtless state of Asamprajnata Samadhi. This is the name Raja Yoga.While Raja Yoga is a dualistic philosophy and treats Prakriti and Purusha, it ultimately helps the student in Advaitic Realization of Oneness. While there is mention of Purusha, at the end of the day Purusha is identical with the Highest Self, or Purusha, or Upanishads Brahman. Raja Yoga takes the student to the top of the spiritual ladder of Brahman’s Advaitic knowledge.

Kriya is an advanced technique of pranayama (life-energy control) Raja Yoga. Kriya enhances and revitalizes the subtle currents of life energy (prana) in the spine and brain. The ancient seers of India (rishis) saw the brain and spine as the tree of life.The energies that enliven all the nerves and every organ and tissue of the body flow out of the subtle cerebrospinal centers of life and consciousness (chakras). The yogis have discovered that by constantly rotating the life current up and down the spine by the unique technique of Kriya Yoga, one ‘s spiritual development and consciousness can be greatly accelerated.

Benefits of Yoga

Kriya deconditions and sets the seeker free from the fate of the past. It profoundly transforms the gross ego-center of the seeker into a subtle human individuality that also encompasses universality. It gives peace with the wholeness of creation, cutting through the confusion of the ways of self. It’s a rare blend of Hatha-Raja-Laya Yoga.The seeker is settled in his natural state, in which his body receives guidance only from the glands and chakras. Thinking should not act as an outsider to establish psychosomatic issues and pursuits. Kriya Yoga does not tell stories, does not engage in magical talk to keep the seekers entertained by the weak and paralyzing consolations.Organizations supporting myths and fictions are stragglers on the road of reality. Kriya Yoga urges researchers to examine whether the experiencer and the learned may become a single unitary process without any dichotomy whatsoever.

Like  a householder also has gone through all facets of becoming a human becoming so that the spiritual path does not seem too long for the seeker. He earned high university education and well supported his family by remunerative jobs. Her two daughters and their husbands are qualified medical doctors.

Since 14 January 1988, Shibendu has spent his time spreading the teachings and the Kriyas around the world. Year after year, he flies at the invitation of devotees and disciples. The countries represented so far are: the USA (including Hawaii and Puerto Rico), Canada , Australia, Spain , Portugal. Italy, France , Switzerland, Austria, South Africa, Mauritius, Chile (South America), Norway.  Singapore , Malaysia, Germany, Bulgaria, Russia, Nepal, Sweden, the Netherlands, Britain.  New Zealand, Brazil, Greece and, of course, India. Many other nationals even came to him during his Kriya-Yoga programs in many locations.

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